Aycan OsiriX Pro

A Mac-based multi-modality workstation for post-processing and primary diagnosis. With tools for general diagnostic reading and advanced post-processing, plus certified plug-ins, aycan OsiriX PRO is the perfect solution wherever there is demand for fast and easy access to medical images.


DICOM features

DICOM Query/Retrieve SCU.
DICOM Print SCU with Film Composer.
Import/Export various image formats (DICOM, JPG, TIFF, Quicktime, RAW).


Aycan OsiriX Pro | Grafimedia
Aycan OsiriX Pro | Grafimedia


Image proccessing features

3D Volume Rendering.
4D Viewer for Cardiac-CT and other Temporal Series.
5D Viewer for Cardiac-PET-CT and other Temporal Series.
Image Fusion.
3DMPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction) with Thick Slab.
Curved and Orthogonal MPR.
MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection).
MinIP (Minimum Intensity Projection).
DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography).
Bone Removal Tool.
Rotate, Mirror, Zoom, Pan.
Overlay Switch On or Off.
Length, Angle and Density.
ROIs: Polygons, Circles, Pencil, Rectangles, Point,…etc.
CLUT (Color Look-Up Tables).
User-specific Filters.
Scissor Tool.
3D Double Oblique MPR.
Image Recalculation.
Grow Region.


Medical examination features

Generating Study Based Reports
Customizable Toolbars/various Screen Layouts
Cutlines in Topograms/Pilots/Scouts
Series Synchronization and Stack Scrolling
Export Data to Patients CD, including DICOMDIR
Create Manual or Smart Albums
One or more Monitors

Aycan OsiriX Pro | Grafimedia
Aycan OsiriX Pro | Grafimedia


More features

Embedded Web Server
Bonjour Support
Presentation State
5-MP Monitor Support
11-bit Monitor Support
CD Importer
3D Curved MPR
4D ROI Statistics



Manual and instructional DVD
Plug-In Manager

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