Grafimedia Icon Integration

It is a fact that integration into information systems which are installed in healthcare facilities usually are from a variety of manufacturers. It is a common issue to face some difficulties in connecting to one another and they only assist the workflow fragmentarily.This fragmentation exists due to historical reasons. The various subsystems (such as HIS, RIS, LIS, PACS, EMR) are independently developed to cover specific needs, without taking into account that the medical information must be available anytime needed.

A huge progress has been made these recent years, mainly due to the application of some protocols such as HL7 and DICOM3. Thus all these different subsystems can “talk” to each other and exchange data.

The Grafimedia icon integration service includes not only a full analysis and recording of the existing situation but also suggestions of changes that must be applied to the subsystems so that the workflow can become as efficient as possible.

Grafimedia having completed a large number of such accomplishments, is able to make a suggestion, no matter how complex each case might be.


Grafimedia Health Information Technology


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