Icon DICOM Record Grafimedia

The recommended system consists of icon DICOM record software and PRIMERA’s DISC PUBLISHER 4102 robotic recorder. Automatically burn medical images onto digital storage media (such as CDs and DVDs) and on the surface of the media print the patient’s information along with the logo and contact information of the health facility.

Compatibility with any medical device using the DICOM protocol

Recording single-study or multi-study discs. Embedding of a sophisticated DICOM image viewer when the examination is recorded (replacement possibility given). Automatic selection of the appropriate digital storage media (CD or DVD) according to the size of the examination. Printing a fully configurable label on the media, with the capability to automatically replace all the DICOM fields.

Easy to use

Interface that allows browsing and rewriting stored exams. Interactive media recording (CD or DVD) using the recording means of the local computer. The ability to copy the exams, along with the DICOM viewer, to a USB flash memory.

Icon DICOM Record Grafimedia

Technical features of PRIMERA’s DISC PUBLISHER 4102

Disc Capacity: 100 discs.
Robotics: High-speed belt drive.
Number of Drives: Two recordable CD/DVD drives.
High speed DVD±R/CDR drive.
Integrated high resolution disk label printer 4800dpi.
Separate high-capacity ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).
Ink Level Warning Calculates actual number of prints remaining based upon ink usage of graphics being printed (patent-pending).
Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7.
Certifications: UL, UL-C, CE, FCC Class A, RoHS, WEEE.
Dimensions: 452 mm W x 279 mm H x 445 mm D.
Power Input: Universal auto-switching 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5.0A.
Weight 11.8 kg.

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